Before ordering, it is important to determine the exact size of the ring. We recommend the following options:

1. JEWELLERY WORKSHOP. The ring size can be found out at your nearest jewellery store. Experienced masters with the appropriate equipment will inform you about the exact size.

2. JEWELLER. Another way to determine your finger size is to visit a local jeweller to try out the rings. However, this method can lead to inaccurate results.

3. YOUR OWN RING. If you already have a matching ring, you can measure the inner diameter of that ring.


You have a number of different ways to place an order:

1. INTERNET PAGE. Order on our website in the shop area (

2. TELEPHONE. Call us at +44 20 3524 4947

3. SOCIAL NETWORKS. You can also contact us on one of the following social networks:

 - Facebook

 - Instagram


1. PRODUCT SELECTION. Please choose a model and add it to the cart for check out or contacting us over the phone, on Instagram, Facebook shop. 

2. PAYMENT. After clarifying and confirming the order details you will be offered to pay full price, including delivery through check out on our webpage shop. Also there is an alternative option to pay 30 % deposit and the remaining balance when jewellery or wood product is produced  - contacting us over the phone or on our social networks shops on Instagram or Facebook.

3. ORDER DURATION. The average production time is about 15 working days and should reach the customer within 30 calendar days. If jewellery is in stock, it should reach the customer within 18 calendar days. Some of the products can be delivered within 5-7 working days. You will receive confirmation on your email with the delivery date once payment is received. Also delivery time will be shown during check out process.

4. DELIVERY and PAYMENT. After jewellery or wood product(s) is produced, we will post your  item(s) at the postal address you provided and send you the shipment confirmation on your email address. If the jewellery was bought over the phone, on Instagram, Facebook shop then we will ask you to complete the outstanding payment prior sending any shipment confirmation.

We ask for your understanding that we only deliver after an advanced payment has been made, and the shipping will only occur after the total purchase price and shipping costs have been transferred. Shipping costs are calculated based on the weight and size of the package, the value of the jewellery and the selected shipping method.

The prices listed exclude the shipping costs.

Due to particularities in the production of rings, we would charge you a lump sum of 150,-- pounds for a ring resizing. Therefore, we ask you to determine the correct ring size with special care. We assume no liability for the size communicated to us by the customer.